What size are you in centimeters or inches?

I already knew sizes have changed in the past years. I read an article about how the American apparel industry has created an international system of Vanity Sizing on shine.yahoo.com. And about how sizes had changed in 1970 and now the sizes are totally different. But the measurements in cm’s has never changed.

I didn’t know my measurements, I thought I knew my clothing size. When I was making the article about curvy women and their sizes I was so curious to measure myself. I always thought my bottom was a size 46. But the truth said something else. So what size is a standard 46? Or a size 42? Or a size 50?

I am very curious to hear what your size is in cm or inches. Will you help me and fill out a little SIZE-survey? Beneath I show you some directions to measure your sizes. The only thing is, you need sewing tape measures. Maybe your mother, neighbor or a good friend has one!

Some directions to measure yourself!

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