What’s the ‘big’ deal about this HM+ campaign?


Already wondering about this ‘news’ for days now… What’s the ‘big’ deal with this HM+ swimwear campaign? I just can’t help being very surprised by the latest campaign of HM+. Showing this collection on a ‘plus size’ model. Of course this collection has to be showed on a plus model. In 2011 it was Tara Lynn…now it’s Jennie Runk.

And no… she’s not a plus size… no… she’s an inbetweenie! Do you know what I would love to have seen? This model in the ‘straight size’ range. That would have been a real statement! Maybe an idea for your next campaign?

Watching this collection, I am very disappointed… again very casual, boring… black… and not young or fashionable!


Reading this about a psychotherapist on Shine, and again I really don’t get it.
“There are a few reasons why there may be a backlash against very skinny body types right now,” says Beverly Hills based psychotherapist Bethany Marshall. “Unlike in the past where advertising executives would dictate beauty standards, these days anyone with a smartphone is a critic. Because there are so many ways to voice your opinion—Facebook, Twitter—when people don’t like something, they say so. And companies are listening more and responding to customer needs.”

“In a perfect world, there has to be a balance between what people want and what they’re presented with,” says Marshall. “Ads have to be relatable but also aspirational. This HM ad seems to have achieved that.”

Look at these Forever 21 pictures of gorgeous Denise Bidot…this is shot on an inbetweenie… size 42-44 EU/12-14 US. Not a big deal… by the way… just got myself the Flamingo bathing suit here in NYC! And I am very very happy… Forever 21 sells swimwear that’s much more fashionable than HM+’s…

The swimwear campaign in 2011 with Tara Lynn.


  • I work for H&M in Canada, and to be honest with you guys, I have a hard time fitting into a size 14 in our pants, when most people look at me they think I should be wearing a size 10. I am not extremely overweight, but the issue is that this model probably wouldn't fit into H&M's "Straight Sizes" if I can't fit into them either, so she probably has to wear H&M's plus sizes in a lot of things. One of the main issues is that H&M should Americanize it's sizes for North American consumers who do often have different bodies than those in Europe, where the chain originates. I just think it is the difference in sizing at the store, which often does not reflect common American sizing anymore. Unfortunately, instead of altering their sizes for American customers and making them more similar to true American sizing that is available at the GAP and Old Navy, they just reacted by releasing a plus size collection which is limited to select stores. I feel that if they changed their sizing to fit the demographic, then they would succeed, but I'm sure it all comes down to money, it would cost a lot to make European size lines and American size lines of the same clothes. Still I love the company and I can always wish…or get into a corporate position!

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