where are the young plussize models?

Today in a shop I scouted a beautiful girl size 10-12 (US) and asked her: are you a model?
She was laughing and said: no, I can’t, have you seen my body? Do you know my size?
I told her about my blog and more about the inbetweenies. There’s work for her as a model!
Hopefully I can convince her to contact the modelagency.
She’s gorgeous, hopefully she’s photogenic!

I think there should be more young inbetweenies as plussize models. Natural Models LA started an agency in LA. This is an agency created by models for models. Healthy is the new skinny is their blog. Natural values models and their natural build and body size and encourage models to find a healthy balance in life and in their bodies. They present models in size 6-16!!! I think this is how the future modelagencies should be! More diversity in model sizes!

Carina, size 12 (US) and Hannah, size 12 (US) are young models at Natural Model Management.


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