Where is your (Ivy) park?


Check the collection and sizes


The Ivy Park collection from Beyonce is available now at Zalando. Beyonce said the collection would be for a lot of sizes and shapes. But is that really so? The sizes go up to size 44/46 EU. There are some items which are inbetweenie proof… But I had to laugh sooooo hard, when I read the article from Mayra on The Publisized. I recognize trying items from the straight size collections… and I really want to make it worth… but it’s not always positive! You always get in, but the question is, how to get out of a too small item.

“Since the image of Beyoncé in the Ivy Park body was one of my favorites, I had to try it on. Well… it turned out to be quite the challenge. The body doesn’t have buttons, it’s literally a one piece. And I discovered that it was a pretty ‘short piece’ as well. It was like my upper body was too long. my boobs came out sideways. Ghe. I also had to squeeze my booty into the neck opening (don’t try this at home) and my neck and shoulders are nothing compared to my booty. I made it work for the picture but it really didn’t fit. Buttons on the bottom would have been a much better option, B.”

A lot of respect for Mayra, showing herself and her body, wearing this body. On instagram it’s a very popular picture…

My favorites are the parka and the nude sweater, probably the sizes will be okay…

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On Buzzfeed was a nice article about testing the sizes of the collection on different size girls.




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