Which size will sell the best…?

Another magazine with an inbetweenie on the cover. French Marie Claire comes with 2 different models. But which girl will it be? Robyn from Bella Model Management or Aglaë from Dominique Models.
Or are there different covers? Yes there are… in total 3: a size 36, a size 40, a size 42-44. Probably to test which size will sell the best… I think it’s great to show diversity… That’s my goal as well.. But I must say.. I am very curious who will be the bestseller! Who do you think??


  • there are 3 covers actually, with 3 girls in different sizes: one slim girl, one average girl and one “plus size” girl. I think Robyn is the average one and the girl on the right (her name is Aglaë Dryer) is the “plus size” one :).

  • Both girls are gorgeous but I like the left one a bit better, maybe because she looks more confident! The right one just looks a bit shy 🙂


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