Will IMG Models try to represent diversity?


“A cast of white, thin, super-tall models. This is the reason the fashion world has been so controversial for the past decade and a half: since the “heroin chic” look took off in the nineties, diversity seems to have been all but completely sapped from the high fashion magazine editorials and runway shows that are supposed to project what ‘beauty’ looks like to the entire world.

Yet now, the world’s top modeling agency IMG, which represents everyone from Gisele Bundchen to Joan Smalls to Kate Upton to Tara Lynn, is starting an initiative to sign models of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and heights”. This interview with IMG Models Senior Vice President and Managing Director Ivan Bart was on Cosmopolitan was .

Which is a great statement! Finally, one of the biggest, most influential players in fashion is making a huge move to recognize that beauty goes far beyond fitting into sample size.

And I am so happy to hear this news! Finally, we will get diversity. IMG is the most famous agency and if they will change, every other agency must change as well. Size revolution is going on! I am feeling it, I am seeing it! I am right in the middle! “We’ve always tried to find the most diversely beautiful women in the world, and we can always do better,” Bart said.

He pointed out that Tara Lynn, a ‘plus-size’ (though Bart hates the label) model represented by IMG, has been getting amazing, steady work throughout her career. Exactly… we should get rid off the label plus for women who are average size!

And not only diversity in the women section… Men are also beautiful in all shapes, heights, and sizes, the agency’s men’s division will continue to grow.

The gorgeous Tara Lynn, also represented by IMG.

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