Will there be a next PLUS size model?

plus-size-tall.com and Velvet d’Amour’s search for Britain’s next plus size model. This sounds great!
Tyra Banks started ANTM and somethimes there are plussize models in it. She really understands and loves the inbetweenies, she’s one herself! One day she’s a size 36 and another day she’s a size 40! Even in The Netherlands it’s in the air to have Hollands next PLUS size model! The only thing I really don’t get, the host of the Dutch version, Daphne Deckers, is really against every model larger than size 38 (EU). Her opinion: “… it’s already hard enough for these straight size models to survive.” In elsevier.nl she says: ” you can organize a plussize contest, but you can’t garantee these plussize girls they can work!!! Come on!!! You even can’t garantee ‘regular models’ to have work! Hopefully this version will come to the The Netherlands and I MUST be in the jury.
I AM the SIZE HERO. Who else is in?

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