Women who wear larger sizes are happier!


Some great news on this Sunday morning! A study says: women who wear larger sizes are happier, happier than those fitting sample sizes. Littlewoods conducted a survey of dress size and body confidence.

On Science Daily there’s a research from Helmholtz Zentrum München as well. Is this because more celebs are curvy these days? More artists in the media? It’s very important to see more size and shape diversity in the media, on tv and in movies. Because all these years we only saw 1 kind of woman. Most of the models, actresses, singers, etc. are thin, size 6 or 8 and don’t have many curves. So it’s amazing to see these ‘curvy’ women now. Women who are confident, proud and very strong! Like these women: Nigella Lawson, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks, and Adele.

74% of women who wear a British size 16 (U.S. size 12) are happy with their appearance, which is nearly double that of the 42% of women who wear a British 6 (U.S. 2).

52% of women who wear a British 6 (U.S. size 2) would like to be curvier as they think curves would make clothes more flattering (31%), and 25% say it would improve their body confidence.

And of course social media has a high influence. Women who are not a size 6 US and show that they look amazing! There’s a SIZE REVOLUTION going on! And I am very proud to be a player in this!




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  • <3 Christina Hendricks. I think it's about time women accepted that their bodies are beautiful, at all sizes. It's a slow process but it's worth it to get to where you're satisfied.

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