Wonderfit jeans?

Wonderfit jeans_asda

Is this really possible? This was my first question… The Wonderfit jeans from George at asda.com grows and shrinks with your dress size (up to three dress sizes), owing to a fabric that has a compact weave with high elastene content. Finding the perfect jeans for any size already is a miracle! What if you have found the perfect pair, then put on a few pounds and suddenly that beautiful sleek silhouette would disappear, and you’d struggle to sit down comfortably.

Fiona Lambert, George brand director, said: We’ve all had days where we struggle to button up our favourite pair of jeans after over indulgence and likewise days where our favourite jeans are a little looser following weight loss. With the Wonderfit, gaining or losing a few pounds will make no difference, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit every day.”
A pair of jeans only costs 18 pond /21,20 euro. They are available in two colours and in the following sizes:
Small fits Size 36-40 EU/8-12 UK
Medium fits Size 42-44 EU/14-16 UK
Large fits Size 46-48 EU/18-20 UK

Maybe they have to extend their sizes…? So even plus size women can be more flexible wearing their sizes?


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