Yes, you CAN look GREAT on TV!

Everytime there’s an inbetweenie or full figured woman on the Dutch TV, I get Tweets: “why aren’t YOU going to style this woman? This woman looks awful in these clothes.”
Last Friday during the battle of THE VOICE OF HOLLAND; a very gorgeous inbetweenie POMME won the battle and will shine next time in the ‘live shows’. People were complaining about Pomme’s look. She was wearing a tunic/blouse of HM+. A blouse I have myself in green. Nothing wrong with this.
A perfect silhouette for an inbetweenie: showing the gorgeous legs! But it depends on how you style and wear it!

I must say I never watch this tv program: it’s about the voice, NOT about the LOOK! But now I just want to write something about it. Stylist Chantal Bles is doing the styling for this program. And it’s a hard job: create many, many looks for the candidates. A lot of respect for Chantal! The only thing I want to say: Pomme, I would like to style you some day… you’re a great inbetweenie! And please, if Weight Watchers will contact you: please say NO!!!! You are gorgeous and a great inspiration for many (young) women!

This is the way I wear this tunic/shirt:


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