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  • Bravo…Bravo… (clapping hands) Its looooong over due. The average beautiful woman is not a size 6 or 8. This blog Rocks, shows you so.mamy different ways to be creative. Many plus size womam think..just a shirt and u have an outfit…. Acessories, Ladies…Acessories!! Bags, shoes, Belts..etc. I the confidence it can.give wear everything!!
    This BLOG ROCKS!!! I look forward to you on my twitter timeline!!

    Curvy Vet

  • Fantastic blog. It’s about f*cking time somebody told the world women of all sizes are great and can look great too! Kudos to Edith Dohmen for setting up this blog. It’s much needed in a world where girls and women are bombarded with images of skinny and retouched people: a beauty ideal that is unattainable and does not exist in real life. – Madison, fashion photographer

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