Your size is your ‘little secret’…


Many times people ask me: ‘But you don’t have a large size’ or ‘Can you also make this dress also in size 46?’ I really have to convince people to tell them that I am really a size 44-46 EU. Because I am 1.81m tall, I look 1 or 2 sizes smaller in pictures. And of course I know how to dress myself and how to look a smaller size. Optical styling is my secret and you can learn that as well!. My collection has items who can make you look smaller, because I have chosen shapes which are great for women with curves: bust and hips!

At the size chart you only have to check 1 size, the most important size, for an item. There’s another thing; the size label is not placed at the ‘normal’ location. No, I have chosen for a special place only you’ll know about! This is because I think that your size is your ‘little secret’. Of course you are proud of who you are and which size you have.
But I also think you can fool other people being dressed so well, they don’t even think about a size anymore… and that’s my point! Style has no size!





This is me as a dress doll, you can find it at the size chart, with the 3 most important sizes: bust, waist and hips! Per item there’s only 1 size important!



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