Zara has a ‘size problem’

Zara, I walk in every time I see one…And yes, I have bought jackets there, good shape tops, bags… and of course shoes!!! But, I see a lot of ‘things with my name on’. But these are way too small for me! Here, in Holland, Zara only goes up to a size 42, which feels like a size 38/40. I am not the only one having this ‘size problem’. Here in Holland, and more North European countries we have this problem. And now Zara has decided not to go to the USA, because America is ‘too fat’ for them. They have been blamed for selling sizes too small for its American customers. Pretty arrogant! Now they skip USA and go to Asia, where people are smaller and will fit better in their clothes.
Zara says they come in size 16 US, 46 EU. But please let me know where, because I have never seen this size in any store! Just one tip to you: ZARA… why don’t you make a ‘special fit’ for North Europe and USA? I think you can increase your label! And many people will be very, very happy! In general sizing is a constant contention in the fashion industry; designers refuse to expand their sizing above an American 14, European 44. But why???


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