Zizzi loves curvesssssss!


Yesterday I got back from a great Copenhagen weekend! I was invited by Zizzi Clothing to their bloggers event and fashion show in the evening. WOW! SO great to meet all the bloggers I am following, models I already knew and some of them I have never met! Seeing Denise Bidot again after a long time! Such an amazing positive vibe. Thanx Rikkie Klint for the great picture above!! Sitting as a ‘real’ Anna Wintour’ front row…
We dutchies, Nefferth, Dionne, Els and I arrived friday night. Saturday after a morning shopping in Copenhagen, we were invited for the bloggers event by Zizzi. We got a presentation of the summer and already autumn/winter collection. And I was so happy to see this winter collection! Omg, great items! Loved the prints, fabrics and styles. Beside the basics and jeans and a lot of black and grey. There were some special pieces, a fashion inbetweenie as I am, really LOVED! Well done, Zizzi! It’s getting better and better.
We got the chance to pick out some favorites! And I am sooo happy with my jeans, shorts, jumpsuit and more! Soon in my looks… We also could have a look backstage at the show, seeing the models..

Waaahhh… we had to do the #hashtag sign, but as a rebel… I did something else! Check out the video:

In the evening we all were invited for the fashionshow. Such a positive, size diversity, curvy vibe! Beautiful women in all sizes, ages and colors! It felt great. Specially when the show started. The last show of Zizzi I didn’t like it that much. Because it was too dramatic. We ‘curvy’ girls don’t have to prove anymore we are pretty, confident or sexy. No, we are! Now just show yourself. Zizzi says: “accept no rules, curvy fashion free styling .” My message is the same: “Your body, your style, your rules!!”
The models were professional, walked very well! And beside they had a lot of fun on the runway! Well done, all of you inbetweenies! Proud of you all, because YOU are the inspiration for every (young) women who struggle wit their sizes. Be there… and shine! Be proud and confident.
I am back in Holland and still having this great smile on my face! Thanx again Zizzi!

On instagram many pictures of me and my Copenhagen trip,but also some short videos of the show!


Trying this cool hat at bloggers event and presentation new collection:

Backstage at the fashionshow:

Together with gorgeous Tanja Thim Kromann Jensen, Miss Cherry Lipz:

Together with all bloggers:

With the models Janneke, Deborah, Tess and Sharon backstage:

And the sexy Denise!!!!

Some looks on the runway:

More looks… LOVED this yellow raincoat statement!

Me on the runway!!! Waaaahhh…..

No party without a photo booth:

Els, Xl Fashionfile and me:

Sharon, the shining star of the evening!

Finally I met the gorgeous Carina Behrens:

With Danish blogger Rikkie Klint, Sticky Sweet Danish

Fun in the photo booth:

With gorgeous Tanja Marfo:

All bloggers together:

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