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ZOT event in Rotterdam
On Saturday 14 June, there’s a ZOT event in Rotterdam. ZOT is the inspiration for business and personal development. And on Saturday they organize this event for ambitious women. During the day there are 7 themes: woman and balance, woman and family, woman and money, woman and passion, woman and looks, woman and food, woman and work. There are 13 workshops by Minke de Boer, Lorraine Vesterink and many more. Nominated for a ZOT Award are Isa Hoes, Claudia de Breij, Lena Olivier en Sunny Bergman.

Last minute discount
There is a last minute cost for you! You can go to this event for only 99,- euro instead of 211,-, by using this code: 1005. Check out zotevent and www.facebook.com/zotevent. Location is Engels in Rotterdam

I will be there as well… hope to see you!!

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