Vogue Italia’s “Timeless Issue”

Beauty has no age….
Lauren Hutton on three covers by Steven Klein, Vogue Italia’s tribute to women over 60 october issue. Great to see also age diversity in magazines… style has no size and no age!

Tina Turner just lost her coveted spot as the oldest model to cover an issue of Vogue. Tina held the honor for her Vogue Germany at age 73 years and four months. Turner took the crown from Meryl Streep, who covered Vogue US in January 2012 at age 62. Not only does Lauren Hutton, at age 73 years and 11 months, now take over the honor but she does so on three Vogue Italia covers in an entire issue honoring women over 60.

Lauren couldn’t be in better hands than master photographer Steven Klein, who always adds a dose of edge and rebellion to his sensual images. Klein embraces women’s not-always-appropriate side as part of our healthy radiance, even when critics condemn us.

Klein says it is “important that a cover be more than just a photograph, it needs to reflective of our times and challenge and inspire. A huge reason why I wanted to shoot the cover of the ‘Age Issue,’ was to be able to show a new take on how a woman over 70 could look. That is why I was so excited to shoot Lauren Hutton for the cover. She is 73 and still sexy. She also embraces her age. She has had no cosmetic work done to her face or body.” Klein said the shot of Hutton wearing a bra has a message for our “ageist society: You can be sexy at 70, too.”

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