Her style: Ada Oguntodu

I love women who have a strong style, who are outspoken. Women who’re to be noticed in a strong fashionable way. I got inspired by women in different sizes, colors, ages.

Let’s meet Ada Oguntodu
On instagram I found Ada, a very inspiring woman! I know she is not that tall 1.62 cm, but that’s why I like her style so much. because most of the items are way too long and wide. Love it! A bit of the Olsen twin oversized style. Which I am addicted to lately. She is not just a fashion blogger or influencer she is more of an artist. The whole picture is amazing! Her styles are not just wearing clothes, her looks are unique and styled in her own way! Unexpected outfits, which is also my thing! And she also thinks fashion is fun! High five!!!

Her website: No Ordinary She

Ada just started her youtube with a view shopping videos

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