Your Skin, Your Story


We see a great diversity in the new L’Oreal campaign


True Match, is a fantastic campaign by L’Oreal. A campaign with all different kind of women, men and transgender Hari Nef. Inbetweenies Marquita Pring and Sabina Karlsson in this campaign next to Dutch proud Lara Stone and actrice Blake Lively and many more beautiful people in different colours! There are 33 Shades of Makeup to Match Any Skin Tone. Your Skin, Your Story… your look, your story!
It’s again great to see in a beauty campaign also women in different sizes. Well done, L’Oreal! Would love to see more diversity this year… because we’re worth it!

Check the video:

Sabina Karlsson

Blake Lively

Hari Nef

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