Let’s sport with PrimaDonna!


I was invited for the launch of PrimaDonna sportswear

Gorgeous Myla Dalbesio for PrimaDonna






Last week I was invited by Prima Donna for the launch of their sport bras and some sport wear. I already picked my favourites and they were there in the fitting room, waiting for me! I have chosen the blue underwired bra (size 95E), the black/yellow top and grey legging.
I wear the top in size 48 EU (it was a bit loose, a size 44/46 EU was maybe better, but I love loose fit during sports) and legging in size 48 EU, perfect size. The sport wear is not really very special or new. But it’s their first, looking forward more styles in the future! The fabrics are very soft and fine to wear.

This was my package with the clothes, ready to do the barre-workout


And what I really love? The sport bra, is the same size, as the size I wear in PrimaDonnas twist bra. And that’s amazing. Same brand, same size! When I putted on the bra, it felt immediately perfect! Crossback and the bra was tight enough to jump , without any bouncing and has a great support. That’s very important during sports.
I am wearing the underwired bra, which comes in cup sizes C-H, but there’s also a padded sport bra, which comes in cup sizes B-G.

I am not visiting a lot of press events, but I must say I don’t regret I went to this one! I am very critical when it comes to sportbras. I am a huge fan of Marks & Spencer, and this new one from PrimaDonna is also very good. I think it’s a great thing, they now developed a sport bra range! Are you also curious? Give it a try!


Don’t you love this location? It’s an old gym in Amsterdam

If you look very good, you can see me!

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