C4 Cactus love affair!


My one night affair with you, C4 Cactus…

As you might know, I am already in a great relationship. But then I saw you online. I saw your picture. And I was very curious and excited to meet you. We had contact by mail and you suggested to meet. Meet me in real life. You had a surprise for me. Told me to come to the Citroên garage in Rotterdam, I have to bring some clothes and other things to spend a night somewhere else.


You look exactly the same
I was very excited… friday night I couldn’t sleep very well. And then it was saturday morning. I was a bit nervous, but also very excited. With my love I drove to Citroên Rotterdam. I was also a great drive.. because it feels so familiar. Then I arrived at the garage and there you were. I only knew you from the pictures. You look exactly the same and recognize your shape and color!


After getting the keys and taking my luggage. And then there was the first touch. Pfff… it was soft and nice. I felt good. I directly felt the magic between us. The the ride to Zeeland started. Very smooth and great energy. The trip was very fast and we arrived in Middelburg, we had lunch together and it was very romantic. Was it just me, seeing cactus everywhere? haha!



After the lunch we went to our hotel in Domburg. It was a very short ride. But I really enjoyed. AFter 20 minutes we arrived at the hotel. Finally in our room. We dropped our bags and then we went to the beach. It was a very sunny day. A bit cold, but that didn’t bother us.


Sex on the beach?
Arrived at the beach, the wind blew in my hair. We stopped at a great point, we could see the sea and we stayed inside. It was very windy and cold, but the sun was shining. We had a lot of fun. We were laughing all the time! And then there was the moment… you looked at me… and I felt it.  But I knew… this was not good. I already have a love. I couldn’t do this. I said no… and we went back.




My love
Back to Rotterdam. Going back to my love, who was waiting there for me. And coming back, I saw this sign: “this car is already sold”. Haha… I really had to laugh. It was a great Cactus experience. I will never forget you! But I can’t say no to my ‘Bat mobile’.

Test drive
It was a great love affair…. Do YOU also want to make a test drive with the C4 cactus? Let Citroên know you are interested in a weekend with the Cactus. Go to LoveC4Cactus to take part. Use the hashtag #LoveC4Cactus on instagram or twitter and maybe you will win a weekend trip!


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