An average size wants to shop in ‘regular shops’


About that’s hard to find a size 44 and up in dutch shops


Today in newspaper Telegraaf, an interview with me. I am very proud to be in this article.
you can read the article in Dutch.
3665 readers on fill in the survey and 1 in 5 (minimal a size 42 EU) is not happy to find clothes in regular shops. 90% thinks that all shops should have larger sizes. Having an average size doesn’t mean you are plus size and you have to shop in ‘special sizes shops’. You want to shop in the same shops as your friends in size 38 EU.
It’s hard to find a size 44 and up in dutch shops, while the average size in The Netherlands 42-44 EU is. I still don’t believe this. After all these years, not much has changed.

The article in the newspaper:

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