An interview for Stylight


An interview about inbetweenies, my style, etc.

An interview for Stylight, Germany. The interview is in German, but I have the text in English. Everyone can read it!

“Not skinny, not fat, here are the inbetweenies!

You coined the term „inbetweenie“. What is that exactly?
I am a stylist. I worked a lot with straight sized models. One day I did a catalogue shooting with normal sized women. The clothes there were all too big. I had to work with a lot of pins. I thought: Wow, these women are like me. They were too small to be called Plus Size and too big for a straight size. Still they were very beautiful. That proofed to me: You can’t weigh beauty. Everyone can look beautiful. That was when I came up with the term inbetweenie. My goal is to have brands expand their sizes to at least a 46. That is how normal women look like. In UK the average women has a 16 (EU 44), in Germany it is 14 (EU 42). Plus size for me begins with 48 or 50. But a lot of labels offer clothes only up to size 42. When we get there we can finally forget the inbetweenie thing. You know one of my readers wrote “I never been Twiggy but neither Miss Piggy”. That expresses how lost inbetweenies sometimes feel in the fashion world.

Wouldn’t you say the fashion options for curvy women have improved a lot over the last years?
They have. You know, I have been a big, tall girl for all my life. But I have always been a fashionista, too. I am very picky when it comes to clothes. But some years ago it was impossible to find fashionable clothes in bigger sizes. Everything was black and ultra-sloughy. I always refused to shop in special sizes shops. I want to shop where every normal woman shops. I want to go to Mango and Zara. Even though they don’t carry my size. You can’t image how happy I was, when I discovered brands like New Look . I can’t say it out loud – (want to have this out! )but when Primark came to the Netherlands my closet suddenly evolved. It became more colourful. I could finally try shorts and skirts and they would fit. You can look amazing in those things even as a curvy women – they just have to offer your size. I have been shouting for four years on my blog about this. And now finally more and more brands wake up. Mango is coming with a so-called plus size collections. Of Course because they realize that there is a lot of money to earn.

Where do you shop?
Asos is great. They offer the normal collection up to a size 46. Plus size starts from 48. (That’s too big for me). I love Monki and Cos. Their cuts are almost sizeless. Everyone can wear them. Weekday ist great, too. I also go to H&M. Their plus size collection however is terrible. So old-fashioned. They should call me for some advice. Other plus size labels like Junarose and Zizzi from Denmark become more and more fashionable.
How about High End Fashion?
That is actually really hard. I would love to wear everything from Chanel. But Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t want me to. I still love him though. What happened with Abercrombie is how 95% of the designers probably think. They don’t want fat people in their clothes. “The crown of everything” would be, if one high fashion designer finally stood up and offered his designs in a 44. Therefore I adore Marks & Spencer. The sizes go up to 48/50. They show that it’s possible to offer quality clothes in a bigger size range. I love especially their woolen coats.

Why do you think it is that curvy women are still underrepresented in fashion even though they are a majority in real life?
We are not used to curves anymore. We don’t show them anymore. Society wants women to look more athletic and muscular these days. Curves are not trendy. Take Victoria’s Secret for example. Years ago the models looked way softer, rounder although they were the same size. Some of them look so masculine, that you could put a man in heels and send him on the runway instead. It wouldn’t make a difference. Sure, there are women out there who look athletic by nature like Cameron Diaz and Pink. But for other women this ideal is not achievable, because they have a different natural shape. Therefore I am very happy that Kim Kardashian is bringing the curvy women back.
Is it more difficult for a curvy women to dress well?
Well, we have to put more effort in it. We can’t throw everything over our heads and it will look great anyway. You have to be more critical. You can’t be like “Oh that’s my size, I’ll buy it”. Things have to fit perfectly.

What are your best styling tips for inbetweenie women?
It starts in your mind. If you don’t love yourself, you will cover yourself up. But I think every women deserves to be noticed. More important dare to be noticed. You don’t have to be a fashionista. But you can be the best version of yourself. Try to feel comfy in your clothes. Then you’ll shine and look amazing! I would never wear something I don’t feel good in. That’s the first thing. You wear the clothes and not the other way around!

What else?
Look in the mirror, experience your shape. What do you like about your body? Which bodypart would you underline? I always create a waist. That compensates wide hips. Also never wear clothes that are too loose or too tight. That makes you look fat. Wear great underwear. It looks terrible, when the straps are too tight an there is this hollow on your shoulder. Go to a lingerie shop and get measured. And don’t be afraid of shape wear. And don’t worry about sizes. I know women who cut out the size label in their clothes. It’s just a number. No one will see it. And Most important: Don’t compare yourself to your size-zero friend. That’s the worst. Women are tougher with themselves and each other than men ever will be.

Which styling rules for curvier women are bullshit and should be broken (wearing high heels, wearing black etc.)?
I don’t believe in things you can not wear. You can wear every colour, it doesn’t have to be black all the time. Currently I am looking for a Culottes. Most of them have these side pockets. Makes me look huge. But I won’t give up trying them on until I find one that fits me.
What should every women have in her closet?
Jackets and blazers. They are the perfect layer to finish a look. Also blouses. I know a lot of curvy women have problems with them. They stand open, when you have big boobs. My trick: sew them there or close the whole with a pin. Also a small button can help wonders.

How would you describe your own style?
I love Vintage and the femininity of the 50s. But I am feminine on my own. So I don’t have to dress very feminine. Fashion for me is a party everyday. I want to inspire women with my style. I want them to start experimenting with clothes and experience the fun in it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
The Runways. And I love models like Tara Lynn Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley, etc. . They are my ambassadors. They know how to dress. When it comes to bloggers. I go more for the straight size bloggers than the plus size girls. They straight size women show more really on trend and fashion. Being a fashionista myself I want to be one of the first to wear new stuff.

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