An interview in Sweet Treats Magazine



An interview with me about my blog, in the Swedish online magazine Sweet Treats. Only my name is written the wrong way, even in Sweden my name is Edith Dohmen… haha!

Some questions like:

Your name, your age (not required), your zodiac and favorite colour
Edith Dohmen, I am a typical Scorpio and I don’t have 1 particular favorite colour. I love emerald green, mint, cobalt blue, etc. etc.
Officially I am 36 years ‘young’ but always think I am 21!

Tricky question! Describe what self-esteem you have.
Feeling comfy and proud about myself. And if you feel like that inside, it will be shown on the outside. And want to show the world ‘Look, I am here’.

Which body shape are you?
My bodyshape is hourglass with some extra minutes, haha!
My shape is like a cello, with a little bit more on my hips.

Your motto?
“Style has no size” of course…
”Every woman deserves to be noticed”
”You can wear whatever you want, as long as you believe in it”
”Every day is like a party to me, love to dress myself”

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  • Leuk artikel! Heb het helemaal gelezen. Hoe kom je in een Zweeds online blad terecht, als ik vragen mag? 🙂

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