‘Confidence is a state of mind, not a size!’


Selflove, confidence and more personal about me!


Cosmopolitan has their ‘body confidence week’ and I wrote an article on their website. Follow it by #bodyconfidenceweek. My opinion about body confidence has nothing to do with your body, it’s something always on their minds. Read Confidence is a state of mind !

I also made a Q&A about self love and body confidence! (put on the translation)

Sophie Dahl was my earliest inspirator when it becomes to plus size models.

On the left I was about 25 years and on the right I was about 17 years ‘young’. And wearing a lot of black all the time… a message to my younger me, forget about the black and wear whatever you want to wear. I was a size 40/42 EU… great in shape. But then it was ‘safe’. That’s really strange, when I was about 14-15 I was really having a own style, my vanessa Paradis period. Alternative, wearing my  grandpas stuff, leather jackets, etc.

Your body is not the problem, but how you think about it! So, be nice for yourself and your body!
Big kisses! Edith

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