My Xmas styling tips for Margriet magazine


Check out my Xmas styling tips for you!!!

My best tip for this year Christmas… wear color instead of boring black! And don’t make it too comfy this year… shine… shine like a star this year! You deserve to be noticed… you deserve to look great and shine!

I was asked to give some styling tips during the holidays for plus size women:
1. Wear shape wear !
2. Check your own body shape in the mirror in your underwear.You know what shape you are. Easier shopping. Check shape of the garment instead of the size.
3. When you wear a bright color lipstick, you an wear more different color outfits.
4. When you are going for a party outfit or a nice dress. Already put on some make up while shopping. This makes it look better during the fitting!
5. Be careful with too heavy knits and velvet fabrics. These make you look bigger.


Great picture by Suzanne Rensink for my new website edith dohmen



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