My whole life I have been a larger size than all my friends. But I have never felt fat or uncomfortable, because I was born this way! My confidence I inherited from my beautiful mum! Being a size 46/48 EU (16/18 US, 18/20 UK) she was a strong woman and she was 1.78m tall. I have never heard her complaining about her size and she never started a diet.

She was a great example for me. She was a fashion designer herself and created all the looks from the runway for herself. So I never realised it could be difficult to find clothes in her size. Because she always wore the latest fashion in her size! Unfortunately she died way too early in 2004. And I am still missing her.

It wasn’t my intention to start another plus size blog… No, I started the blog as a statement to the world! To show the world that style has nothing to do with a size. I want to show that not everyone in fashion is a size zero. No: I want to show both the average size women and larger what to wear and put these women in the spotlight!

I started ‘www.stylehasnosize.com’ in May 2011. I have been a fashion stylist for almost 10 years now. In all these years I styled ‘real’ women and models in every size. My conclusion is that every woman has the right to look good and dare to be noticed.

I have always been an inbetweenie (woman ‘in between sizes’, with size 40-48 EU/10-18 US/12-20 UK). Too big for regular sizes and too small for plus sizes. I call them inbetweenies, because they are not skinny but also not full figured. I want to put the average size of women into the spotlight. Because this is the forgotten group in fashion.

In the fashion industry they don’t pay much attention to this group. It’s the regular sizes, size 36 to 42 EU (6 to 12 US, 8 to 14 UK) or the plus sizes, start from 44 EU (14 US, 16 UK) and up. Most of the plus size clothing is too wide and too big for the average size woman. And the regular sizes are often too small.

I don’t want to promote obesity or anorexia. I want to promote health and a positive self esteem and let women be proud of themselves, in any size. It’s very important to accept your size and your body. And love it! If you do embrace your body and curves, you will show it to the world! You want to look and feel great! And showing the world that style and beauty have NOTHING to do with a size!

Every woman deserves to be noticed

I think it’s time for change! Acceptance of size 40-46 EU (10-16 US/12-18 UK) in the fashion world!
My mission is to accept size 46 EU (16 US, 18 UK) next to size 34/36 EU (4/6 US, 6-8 UK).
I think magazines should be filled with models in different sizes. We also need more runways with mixed models. Size diversity in fashion: in magazines, runways, in the media and in movies.

As a stylist I can work with models in different sizes. Because every woman in every size is beautiful.
 As a fashion stylist I can show that size diversity in magazines is possible. I think it would be great and it should be ‘normal’ to show the reality in sizes in magazines. Just show more of these fashion stories in high end
magazines as Vogue, Elle, Numero, etc.
Who knows… soon…