“I think the era of ‘models’ is ended.” Alessandro Michele


“I’m trying to follow my rules, not fashion rules,” Alessandro Michele, designer for Gucci.

The Fall collection was poised to be worn by roughly 120 girls and boys. Michele wasn’t making any claims that his first amalgamated female/male collection show for Gucci was a bolt from the blue, a revolutionary turn against the last season. On the contrary, he finds it easier to focus when both sexes are considered together. “This is always my world. I want to swim in my ocean,” he said, wearing a yellow Gucci-logo T-shirt and a pale baseball cap as he showed people around. He feels it’s wrong to have to “tell a new little story” every season, he said.


The cast of Michele’s ‘real’ types has succeeded in rebooting the fortunes of Gucci. “I don’t care about models; I care about faces!” he declared. “It’s like, a way to show humanity. It’s funny, I think the era of ‘models’ is ended.”

The last 2 shows for me were so much stronger. This time not really totally new, but a great continuation the last ones. Gucci clothes gives me a very happy feeling!

And no, Gucci is not inbetweenie or plus size proof, but get inspired and customize your clothes! That is what I will do! Add some extra things and it will look like Gucci.
And because Gucci wil not fit me, I have done some research and I have found a Gucci vintage print T shirt, I have ordered. Fingers crossed, it will fit. The other clothes I can’t wear, because they will be too small.
I always get very inspired by the men’s collection.. and I love the mix of boys and girls in this runway!

Gucci now available at the Bijenkorf!!! Shoes (the GG loafers), some clothes (the famous T shirt) and accessories!
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