No more numbers in 2018!

Not your size, your weight, age, likes, followers, etc. Focus on yourself, feeling good, healthy and happiness. Don’t compare yourself too much with others, compare yourself with no one.. not even with yourself! Live in the moment, and enjoy that moment! My message to you, is also my message to myself.

My message for 2018:

Don’t let numbers define you!

And your body type, is yours!
I tell people all the time, I am not typical curvy, I am tall and yes: I am hourglass shape… but not extreme. It’s my own body type. My clothes style is not showing my curves, my style is more androgyne. A to of vintage: man style but also very feminine. My style, my rules.

And my size is 44-48, but a lot of people don’t believe me… fuck them! I know who I am, what size I have.. in some eyes people don’t think I am a ‘real’ ‘plus size woman’. And, no… I am not… I call myself an inbetweenie… that’s my state of mind.

I don’t need any agreement or confirmation about how I look like, my style… at the age of 41, I know what I like and know my style. I just hope to inspire people on instagram to dress yourself how you like it! Dare to wear, be creative, never grow up, show your shape/not your size… style has no size and no age!

I try not to see what other people do or say, it’t not always easy. Hope for you all, to focus on yourself!
Have an amazing 2018!!!!! En be proud of yourself…

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