Be a size hero, not a size victim!

OFFline Shopping
A great shopping experiment on Navabi. And it’s great they share this with us. Bethany Rutter Together, size 50/52, went to the city with a friend in size 36 EU, they are searching for some basics. This should be an easy project when you do this online!
John Lewis, NEXT, River Island, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Topshop are the shops they went to. But in the high street it’s not so easy. And Bethany have some good points. Yes, it’s not easy to find clothes in sizes 46 EU and up. I totally agree, have written about this subject so many times. And these articles were always the same vibe. I was angry on the fashion industry, I was a victim and was screaming: “why don’t you want me?”
I became older, and more quiet (not for a moment on twitter*) and decided to me no longer angry anymore. I have changed the negative energy into positive and this works for me. I am a fashion lover and I will always be, even when the fashion industry doesn’t love me.

My mindset changed:

I will no longer be a size victim, I will be a size hero now!

Plus style
Because I have the same when I go to shop where they DO carry my size, but the big dissapointment in most of these shops is that they don’t carry my style. It’s totally not on trend. Yes, trends from 2 years ago. I want to wear what is on the runway this season. I want to translate what I saw at the pret-a-porter shows in my size and my style. And also with plus size brands, I must be creative. I need some of their items to dress myself: I need trousers, skirts, etc because I can’t find this in regular shops in my size. And I can customize these to make them look like trendy items. I am always fashion forward, so the struggling is always hard finding these items in my size. Maybe don’t only blame the regular brands for not having your size, blame the plus industry for not having real cool and trendy items. And maybe this brands want

A quote of me:

I want Chanel, but Chanel doesn’t want me

Gucci doesn’t want me either. But I can create a Gucci style with items from shops like H&M, Zara, vintage shops, being creative. That’s the part of being a fashion stylist: if you don’t have or find it: create it! Yes, I can buy Gucci shoes, bags and lately I bought ap pair of Gucci socks for 90 euro. Tell me I am crazy, but I want to show brands like Gucci: I like you, and want you. And yes I want to spend my money on your items, because I think you are cool and have an AMAZING STYLE! But you don’t like me and don’t want me to be part of your game! I am a fashion rebel and do what I want. I will be a player even in your game! If I don’t do this, who will? I was actually thinking of finding a tailor to make my Gucci favourites in my size. Just to show, it also looks amazing in my size! I see a lot of plus size women/bloggers who love Gucci too, who have the money to buy Gucci bags, and would love to buy the clothes as well. I believe if we keep doing this, showing we want it so much. Brands like Gucci will wake up, some day and will extend their sizes. At least, that’s my hope and I am positive about it!

Alexandra Shulman for Business of Fashion:

Size is a highly emotional issue. Size is not simply a number, it is a state of mind.

I think is the most worst part of it: the average size in NL is 42 EU, but in most of the shops this is the largest size. And I know in the UK, the average size is a size 46 EU, and many shops do cater their collection to size 46 EU. Thanks to these UK brands, Dutch women can now shop the size 44, 46, 48 better in shops. Yesterday I went to HM, this sale has started and there were all these lovely items: wide trousers, floral print blazers, cool party dresses. And every time I see these items I think: in my size please! But I noticed that online most of the items are 1 size larger available. Still not big enough. But it’s a small change. I have the same struggling as Bethany has and as many women in sizes 46 and up. And I believe that women in different sizes have the right to enter the same shop and should buy the same things. That’s why I believe in shops like Marks & Spencer where they have the size range: 34 to 50. The largest group of women who are players in the fashion game is the group of women in sizes 40 to 48. But why is it already so difficult for this group to shop? And what about the women larger than these sizes. And yes, I do believe women in larger sizes should also be able to shop their clothes in offline stores, they also deserve the shop experience every woman should have. And  that’s possible at the plus size shops.

‘olsen twins’
I am not only a size 46/48, but I am also very tall. Yes, I would love to have the oversized ‘olsen twins’ look, but guess what? I can not easily create this, because everything is too short or too tight. I can when I would go to ‘special sizes shops’ and  find some extra long trousers or jackets. I am not having the average length and I have to deal with it. And the Olson twins are very short and they made it their statement with that.

Create the look!
When I was a student, or when I cannot afford expensive clothes, you create the look with cheaper itemss/ And this is what I still do, when it doesn’t come in my size. create Gucci with H&M items. for example, like below looks!

Oversized coat from H&M, goes up to size 44 EU, but also fits a size 50

Blouse from H&M, goes up to size 50 online!

My luck I can wear many tops, jackets, in a size 44 or 46 EU. Not the bottoms, this is a HUGE PROBLEM! I need a size 48 or sometimes even a size 50 EU.
My advice for women in size 46/48 is not only checking the labels inside the clothes, but check the shape. This gives more opportunities.

In the video they are searching for some basics like
– a white t shirt
– a pair of skinny jeans
– a round-neck sweater
– a pair of black trousers
– an evening dress
– a black jacket
– a biker jacket

Why basics?
The question is, why would you go out in the city, to find basics, if you know these items are so easy to search for on the internet? Every time I will go to the city to find a specifically item, I cannot find it: it’s better to surf online! I will go to offline shops, to get inspired. Have the experience, have fun with my friends. Try stuff I normally don’t wear. Of course, the frustration of seeing amazing things will not be easy. But you can also get inspired by styles, combinations, etc and create these in shops where they do have your size. And I believe when there are cool plus size shop, who have amazing clothes, straight size women will complain they want this in their size. And the solution will be: create a shop/brand who will have the collection for everybody in every size.

Punishing yourself
They went to John Lewis, NEXT, River Island, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Topshop. And you know in shops like Zara, Miss Selfridge and Topshop, the largest size is 42 or sometimes 44 EU. “So why are you even going there?” would you might think? “Why are you punishing yourself?” You can also think different, get inspired and search for items which shape will work on your body, even when the size says ‘no’. My statement to the fashion industry is not to boycot this kind of shops, my statement is to show: I am ‘enough’ to wear their clothes as well. I can make it work. I am a size hero from now.
Show where it’s possible? Forever 21 plus, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Primark, Monki? I am jealous to people from the UK. Because the mainstream shops are carrying sizes at least to size 46 and sometimes 48. In The Netherlands it’s even harder to find trendy clothes when you go OFFLINE shopping. finally we have shops like Primark now for a few years. We have River Island and only 1 shop in Amsterdam is having the plus size collection and that’s the same with Forever 21, only Amsterdam has the plus size collection. And these are the only shops and H&M where plus size women can shop when they go to Amsterdam, main street.

*The whole issue to white this article is because for now I don’t want to be quiet about this subject. A disccussion on twitter brought me to tell my vision. A discussion online is not possible and I absolutely don’t want to offend people. I believe every woman is beautiful in every size. And yes, also women larger than size 46.
I want to show that you no longer should be a victim, please… change! Change you mindset. Think different, think positive and create! Enjoy fashion, because fashion is fun!

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