More size diversity on the covers




Navabi makes a statement: #moreplusplease. “If 50% of us are plus size, why are we so hidden in the media?” Navabi says. They showed some covers on their instagram account and on Navabi.


They created these covers with some gorgeous plus size influencers. Stephany Zwicke, Danie Vanier, Olivia Campbell and Chloe Pierre. All of these women are gorgeous and deserve to be on the cover. They are big influencers. Net to these 3, there is Cally Thorpe, Isabell Decker and Hayley Hasselhoff.



But there are missing a lot… and of course… also me. So I created my own cover. I think Numero is the magazine which fits me a lot. A real high end fashion magazine. Clean, minimalism, love black and white!

I support this campaign, because we need this size diversity in the media! Well done, Navabi!


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